Gervasio Deferr will be a monster as an actor, he has many possibilities

The filmmaker Leonardo de Armas promotes the first Spanish film financed with cryptocurrencies betting on the former Olympic champion as protagonist

The former Olympic champion Gervasio Deferr, main actor of the World Championship (Hagakure Films)

The cinema is looking for ways to reinvent itself and Cuban filmmaker Leonardo de Armas tries to break the mold by creating the first Spanish film financed by ‘blockchain’. The SingularDTV platform, a kind of meeting point between artists and investors in cryptocurrencies, is betting on the project called World Championship, a story of overcoming set in the world of sport that is inspired by the successes and misadventures of Gervasio Deferr, the gymnast double Spanish Olympic champion.

in a farmhouse surrounded by pine forests with stone labyrinths near the town of Santa María de Oló, De Armas (Havana, 1964) seeks inspiration to complete the script of his most ambitious venture since Radio Love (2008), a project that, he confesses, «has changed my life». Gervasio Deferr, who fell to the underworld of sports for a penalty for smoking marijuana, will be the main protagonist and will share the bill with María León (who recently participated in The Author) and Carmina Barrios.

The system of creation by ‘blockchain’, through the SingularDTV platform, allows to create an intelligent contract between the investor and the creator, one of the possibilities of the decentralized economy, which aims to eliminate intermediaries.

What is a film financed with ‘blockchain’?

It means that the director, from the development phase to the final distribution, has full control over his work.

Why is it different from a conventional movie?

Essentially, for the financial freedom with which the creator works. In a movie we say conventional 80% of what is earned is the system and the creator remains the least part.

Leonardo de Armas, director of the film ‘World Championship’ (Hagakure Films)

What is this blockchain system applied to the cinema?

There is a financing platform called SingularDTV, which I do not know if it is the first or one of the few platforms that are essentially involved in financing projects. There are other platforms like BitCoin that only handle money for exchange of value. SingularDTV works with Ether, which is the money that moves on the platform. And the action that is used to produce that Ether is the token, which are chips that you sell for a certain amount of Ether to produce your stuff. Hagak is my channel, my business space, the place where I interact with my investors. The investors come to SingularDTV and there are many options for channels from creators, like mine, Hagak.

Will the viewer see the movie, when it is released, only on SingularDTV?

In principle you will see it on SingularDTV within what is called Ethervision, which is now in the testing phase. The viewer pays a subscription to SingularDTV and then looks for Hagak, my particular business cryptospace. In the current preliminary phase I have already requested content to simulate what would be my own channel, like a particular Netflix, within Ethervision. And what we hope is that our project becomes the House of cards of Ethervision, the project that launched Netflix. Once I have the funding for the film, I produce it, I’ve been making the film for two years and once it’s released, it’s there, on Ethervision. But since I already ‘tokenized’ my work [your currency or token is the Hagak] while I’m filming World Championship, my investors will already earn 20% of what my content generates within my channel.

A film financed by blockchain means that the director, from the development phase to the final distribution, has total control over his work

What if the money does not come out to finance? What is the project?

We have pressed the green button and we are waiting. But there is a script and we can take it forward to the conventional one, in the fiduciary world.

Is it like crowfunding?

It is similar, but unlike normal crowfunding, where you ask for help, in this platform a link is created, it is an oasis for you and the investor. The portfolio of investors can come from the world or from SingularDTV

Is ‘Tokenising’ like selling the copyright to investors?

‘Tokenising’ is changing your way of being and thinking and that requires acquiring the immediate notion that by ‘tokenizing’ a project or ‘tokenize’ you as an artist what you are doing is changing the way you live and that translates into freedom financial and to participate in the financial economy as a free man and with full responsibility.

Poster of the film World Championship, with Gervasio Deferr (Hagakure Films)

Are not many goals for a movie?

Yes, but that’s what the platform offers you. At that point we feel frankly stimulated; the imagination enlarges to the beast when you see everything you can do. When you talk about the fact that the investor can receive 20% of the income before releasing the film, it is that you are transferring the exploitation rights of the works to your investor. Thus, my work will give confidence to the investor because he becomes a fan of mine. So it is not an investor who expects to win only with you but also is building art with you, is part of the work with you, and in the same way that you follow a shipping package in Amazon, is part of our process tell the investor in What part of the project we are in, how the film is developing, how I am spending the money. It is the way to retain the investor. Since the investor trusts me and has to wait two years for the World Championship to end, he can recover his investment in 20% royalties

One of the bets of the film is the main actor, who will be the former Olympic champion Gervasio Deferr, who is not a professional actor. Is it a risky decision?

Yes, it is, but risk is one of my faults.

‘World Championship’ translates the history of the rise, fall and overcoming that is in the world of sport

What can Deferr contribute to the film?

Gervasio Deferr is an authentic, rebellious, nonconformist type, he has a lot of soul, a lot of sensibility, he overflows a lot of humanity, and at an expressive level he is very emotional. The way he talk, how he develop, how he feel, how he show his emotions. While we were talking I was doing an X-ray of his possibilities as an actor and I discovered that he is a monster. He can be a brutal actor and I imagine everything I can do with him. On the other hand it has the advantage that it will be wrapped up with great actors and actresses. At the moment the mnemonic I have given him to start the job is to think he is a champion.

Is the film inspired by the life of Gervasio Deferr?

It is partially inspired by his life. There are also other stories that have served me, such as that of a Russian gymnast who still competes at 42 years old. I was looking for something to show the rise, fall and resurrection of an athlete, of life, something that in a way could cause a catharsis like the one I suffered in my personal process, to make the decision to act at all costs. what my heart dictates. They are a million stories mixed, and all come together in the same concept. Someone who feels full falls into an unwanted situation that he can not control, that confuses him, that blinds him. And he cannot do anything but grow or die. And that is the conflict that the character faces.

Deferr is authentic, rebellious, non-conformist, has a lot of soul and overflows humanity

The fall of Deferr was a sanction for giving positive of marijuana in an anti-doping control.

In sport the fall comes in a very wild way. They are programmed from children for a single purpose. They take your whole life, from when you get up until you go to sleep, and you are programmed for a single objective, a medal, and that goal ends up influencing your relationship with your girlfriend, your father, your friends … You have around you twenty people working with you to get a medal. One of the things that impressed me about how the elite sport works, in the research I did for this film, is to see how it is natural to get an ibuprofen before and after each workout, which generates side effects to the Do it all your life.

Will it be a movie denouncing elite sport?

.Not quite. It is indirectly. It is a film that speaks of human consciousness and the possibility of connecting with the totality of you. A boy who had achieved what nobody had achieved in Spain and who hung him because he had smoked a joint of marijuana reflects the brutal hypocrisy of the system and what little sports people are worth to the system.

What can you expect from the World Championship?

A catharsis. What I offer is a great liberating catharsis, not hysterical.